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Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Utah

Knitting 4 Peace

Knitting4Peace is a grass-roots organization dedicated to crafting hope, healing & peace one stitch at a time through non-violent compassionate action. We are committed to the well-being of women, children, and families we may never meet; we plant seeds of hope for a future we will never see. We are non-violent revolutionaries – armed with the power of prayer, the skills of our hands, and the care in our hearts – united in a compassionate fight for hope, healing, justice and peace for all women, children and families. No exceptions.

Knitting4Peace holds steadfastly to its founding Interfaith & Spiritual Commitments. We are intentional about incorporating an element of 3 in every thing we create. This element of 3 symbolizes the person who creates the item, the person who receives it, and the Spirit of Life that creates and unites all of Creation. 3 also symbolizes the importance of the Abrahamic faith traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) to global peace. Because these three traditions represent 2/3 of the world’s population, there is virtually no chance for global peace until our Abrahamic Family is knit together in a tapestry of respect and commitment to compassionate coexistence. Our work of crafting and delivering Hope, Healing, and Peace constitutes the third “3” of our Mission’s founding commitments.

Knitting4Peace is dedicated to knitting together the global Beloved Community. We do our work one person at a time … one stitch at a time … one delivery at a time … one day at a time.

As we knit, crochet, weave, or quilt each item, we pray for each other; we pray for the recipients of the items we create; we pray for those who deliver our items; and we pray for hope, healing and peace throughout our world.

We welcome people of all faiths, and those who profess no faith, to join our work.

Since our founding in June 2006,

we have created over 99,040 items

through our network of Peace Pods

located across the United States and Canada.


1,276 volunteer delivery agents have completed

personal deliveries

in 65 countries around the world and communities we live in …

… and our “Community Purls” program delivers warmth (and hope)

close to home for thousands of vulnerable and homeless

members of our own communities




PW Moderator

Loyda Kremes 

Wasatch Presbyterian



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