Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Utah
Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Utah

PW CT Officers Needed

The Coordinating Team (CT) for Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Utah is seeking women to share in the mission of PW.


Personal Benefits

Involvment in the CT of PW provides a unique opportunity for creating bonds with women throughout the state, a lasting gift of friendship. And think about how you will learn and give and grow!



  • All members of the CT are encouraged to:
    • Attend two CT meetings (Feb. & July) currently held on Zoom & and attend two PW Gatherings (Spring/April & Fall/September) currently held in person.
    • Present reports as needed at the Feb/July meetings.
    • Promote attendance at the Gatherings through your local PW groups.
    • Assist in the search for members to fill CT positions.
    • Term length - 3 years or as long as you are willing and able. 00


CT Open Positions

The following positions on the CT are open for the upcoming years listed in parenthesis. New officers are installed at each Spring Gathering.


Treasurer (2022- 2025) Take over ASAP. With training from current treasurer. Why? Our current treasurer is working at the national level with PW. She needs someone to take over for her, so she can fulfill her other duties.

Roles & Responsibilities: Have knowledge & understanding of receipts & disbursements of the operating funds of PW in the Presbytery; communicate with PW in the congregation about due dates for quarterly payments and disperse said monies to PW in the Synod & PCUSA; update quarterly reports; reconcile bank statements monthly; attend two CT & two PW Gatherings yearly and present report; prepare year-end report and next year budget.



Networker/South Central (2023-2025)

Networker/North (2024-2026)

Roles & Responsibilities: Become familiar with churches & PW groups in assigned area (northern Utah or SLC) via personal visits, email and direct mail; communicate with leaders not in attendance at Gatherings of proceedings and recommendations; report at CT Meetings on concerns, joys and events at assigned churches; lead the search for PW members to fill positions on the CT by knowing job descriptions, selecting members with skills and interest to match job description from the wide geography of Utah; work closely with other search team members and CT to fill positions; recognize outgoing members of the CT @ Spring Gathering.


Contact: Mary Hargis,,


Pastoral Resources (2023-2025)


Justice, Peace & Mission (2024-2026)


Moderator (2024-2026)


Vice Moderator (2024- 2026)


Web Site Administrator (2024-2026)






PW Moderator

Loyda Kremes 

Wasatch Presbyterian



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